Listed below are some of the questions emailed to FJSC with our standard responses.

You can find more obscure information on Football South Coast website under FAQ

Please feel free to email FJSC with any others you think may be useful.

What do I need to bring on Open days?

If it's the first time your child has played football in NSW you will need to bring their birth certificate. ALL players will be required to self-register at home. No registrations will be carried out at the club on the Open days. These days are set aside for payments, purchases & questions only.

Where can I find out more about MiniRoos (Formally Small Sided Football)?

MiniRoos is just that. It's Mini! It's about making the field smaller and with less players so that the children get more touches of the ball and become more involved. It also has modified rules & less constraints. At U6 & U7 level there is no goalkeeper or throw ins. For more information go to the MiniRoos section in Resources/Library from the main menu.

What equipment does my child need to play football?

Shirts are provided by the club. Shorts & socks, with the club logo/name on them are available to purchase from the club. To play AND train they will also need boots, shinpads, a ball & a drink bottle.

Who puts up the nets for games?

It is the duty of the team playing the first game of the day to put up nets and take out equipment. Generally if you are playing at 8.30am, you will need to ensure that nets, flagpoles & goals are ready. It is strongly recommended to get a couple of parents at the ground 30 minutes earlier to help out. Likewise if you are the last game on the field, and you can check this by looking at the notice board outside the clubhouse, you will need to bring all the equipment in. Again, it's recommended to get some parents to help. Further guidelines can be found in the Field Equipment Procedure available in Resources/Library on the FJSC website.

Due to U10 & U11 playing within the main field, graded teams might find it necessary to put up nets even though they kick off later. A list of home games (under 'Fixtures') is available on our website to help with this.

Am I allowed to take photos of my child playing?

It is NOT illegal to take photos of children playing sport in a public space so you should feel free to take snaps of you little darling. However, sometimes it's may be required to use your better judgement should someone request you to stop.

What about SKINS?

SKINS are allowed to be worn under the shirt or shorts but must of the same dominant colour of the shirt/shorts. That means at Figtree they need to be NAVY under the shorts and RED for long sleeved shirts. Please note that this is part of FIFA's Laws Of The Game (Law 4: The Players Equipment), not a Football NSW or IJFA directive and so must be enforced. This law will also apply to taping around socks i.e. the tape must be of the same colour as the socks.

In 2017, Football NSW have allowed for the wearing of black skins (or white for some clubs) but those wearing them must be of the same choice i.e. all wear black or all wear navy. The restriction of colour tape around socks has also been lifted. 

What about jewellery?

The same law that covers the wearing of undergarments also states that NO jewellery is to be worn. This includes all rings, earrings, bangles and any headbands that may contain metal. Taping is no longer allowed. It is best to put off getting your childs ears (or nose) pierced until the end of the season. 

What size ball does my child need?

U6, 7, 8 & 9 - size 3

U10, 11, 12 & 13 - size 4

U14, 15, 16, 17 & 18 - size 5

What days do the teams play/train?

U6 - U9 play on a Saturday morning, usually training once a week on an afternoon agreeable with the coach. 

U10 - U14 also play on Saturday mornings and generally train 1-2 afternoon/evenings a week depending upon age, on days agreeable with the coach.

U15 - U18 and ALL girls teams play on Sunday. As above training is generally 1-2 times a week, again dependent upon age and coach.

How long do the games go for?

Under 6, 7, 8 & 9 - 20 minutes each way

Under 10, 11 & 12 - 25 minutes each way

Under 13 & 14 - 30 minutes each way

Under 15 & 16 - 35 minutes each way

Under 17 & 18 - 40 minutes each way.

How do I know when certain rounds are i.e. last game for MiniRoos?

The Football South Coast Season Calendar is posted on their website and also in our main menu (FSC Calendar). It's also available under Resources/Library on this website. It lists the dates of each round as well as other football type events.  

So what's this OFFSIDE I hear all about?

In MiniRoos there is no offside, although it may be applied in a case of obvious unfair advantage, as per FSC Law Variation. It is a rule that is applied in all graded games and can be one of the more difficult to interpret and understand.

Basically it states that a player is in an offside position if he is nearer to his opponents goal than both the ball and the second last opponent, however it is only an offence if they are interfering with play or an opponent or seeking to gain an advantage. 

It is best that all coaches, parents & players read up on this particular law.  

What should I do in the event of wet weather? 

During the week for training purposes you should:

  • Check the grounds status via our website. If council close the outer grounds then ALL grounds can be considered closed.
  • Use common sense, particularly as council are unlikely to post grounds as closed after 4pm
  • Where possible (e.g. time permits) we will post closures to our FB & Team App.

On game day you can do one or all of the following:

  • Listen to the radio (i98 or Wave). Cancellations are generally broadcast following the 7am or 8am news.
  • Check the front page of the FJSC website, Facebook page, FJSC Team App or My Game Guru.
  • Check the Football South Coast Juniors website
  • Check the Grounds status via our website. Be sure to select the appropriate council. 

 Please DO NOT contact the radio stations, FSC Juniors or other clubs.